Knowing who your provider is before hand will sometimes help to alleviate any anxiety that is associated with meeting a

therapist for the first time. Below are bio's of our team so that you may have a deeper understanding

of them as individuals as well as therapists. 



Lindsey Hickman

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Reiki Practitioner


Licensed Massage Therapist


Tessa Waring

Lindsey has been a practicing massage therapist  since 2008. Her work in this industry has ranged from the typical spa to retreat centers in the jungles of Costa RIca. She works with elite athletes as well as trauma survivors and those recovering from injury or addiction issues.


"I am a believer that trauma is stored in our physical bodies just as much as the emotional body and until we tap into it and heal,  we will always be in pain, or at least I was. Be it through massage, yoga, mediation or whatever form, we all need healing. I feel grateful to be able to help people along in their journey to wellness, mind, body and spirit.

Lindsey graduated from the John Winslow Institute of Massage Therapy in 2008 and had the opportunity to work in several high-end and very well respected spas throughout the Boston area. While those experiences were gratifying and necessary she had planned from the beginning to build something of her own. A space for healing to take place, where clients feel heard and cared for and where other therapist and healers could practice and feel supported. 

In 2012, Lindsey established Soul Flower Wellness. Over five years later, the studio is flourishing and remains highly reviewed across all social media platforms boasting 5 stars!

She practices and combines a number of modalities including deep tissue, Swedish, Sports massage, Prenatal and Thai Massage.

"It is my hope to co create a reality where holistic health, body work, yoga, breath work and meditation will be practices that are so supported by our world that it will we won't have to worry over whether we can afford it." One day. Maybe.


Tessa is a massage therapist who specializes in chronic pain relief, injury recovery, trauma recovery, and stress management. Her approach is thorough and investigative, with a gentle yet deep touch, and 'melting' quality.

Tessa graduated from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2018, where she learned top-notch Swedish relaxation techniques, and has since learned methods in Myofascial theory and Craniosacral massage. Her treatments are highly individualized and tailored to her clients' needs and histories.

Her mission is to bring awareness and medical validity to the unique ways people experience their bodies, and she hopes to provide a healing space for all, including those who have been reluctant to receive bodywork for whatever reason, including those with ability/mobility constraints, LGBTQ+, and others.



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