Knowing who your provider is before hand will sometimes help to alleviate any anxiety that is associated with meeting a therapist for the first time. Below are bio's of our team so that you may have a deeper understanding of them as individuals as well as practitioners. 



Lindsey Hickman


Licensed Massage Therapist

Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor

Energy Practitioner  

1:1 Mentorship 


Deborah Rogers, OTR/L

 Holistic  Occupational Therapist

CranioSacral Therapy

Somatic Experiencing w/ Trauma Informed Care

Certified Yoga Teacher 

Energy Healing Practitioner


Soul Flower Wellness was a dream, a vision of Lindseys from the moment she was introduced to the wellness industry.

She saw a need to provide safe sanctuary for healing, not only for clients but also for practitioners. She's created a village of collaborative community minded humans who are incredible healers, teachers and guides. 


Lindsey has worked with thousands of clients since becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2008 and the opening of

Soul Flower in 2012. She is a trauma informed yoga teacher offering private sessions based on each persons unique needs, with the option to combine yoga and massage which is rarely offered. The depth of knowledge gained through massage therapy can really revolutionize your experience on that yoga mat, ie individualized home practice. It is also an incredible way to spend 2/3 hours of your day.


Since 2019 Lindsey has been diving deep in to womens empowerment and mentorship. Through one on one mentorship she offers her own experience with addiction, trauma and learning the true meaning of finding your voice and the courage to use it for the greater good. She is passionate about healing, in and through the body with a  holistic approach using guided imagery/meditation, movement, writing, ritual and ceremony

When she's not at work, Lindsey is busy Mothering her toddler daughter, tending the garden or speaking to the trees in nature. “More and more I am learning that much, if not all of our suffering is in direct relation to our disconnection from the Great Mother (Earth) We have much to learn and even more to remember. I hope to cultivate a deeper community around this specifically in the near future. 


“While I am deeply grateful we made it through 2020 keeping our doors open, I now see a much bigger picture and the massive need for collective healing. My ultimate goal is to provide accessible affordable options for all the amazing alternative modalities offered at Soul Flower. 

Healing and living a joy filled life should not only be reserved for the privileged. It is my hope to co-create a reality where holistic health, body work, yoga, breath work and meditation will be practices that are truly supported and made available to all.

One day. Maybe".

Who does Lindsey work with: 


*Trauma Survivors 

*Women who are ready to mature in to archetypal Mother 

*History with Addiction  

*Birthing Humans needing guidance/support for natural birth 

*Anyone suffering from the mother wound



Deborah is a Licensed Holistic Occupational Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Energy Medicine facilitator with 20 years of experience in mental health, physical rehabilitation, and hospice. She is passionate about helping clients connect to their body-mind-soul to help them transform physical, emotional, and spiritual pain into greater wellness, ease, joy, and self-love.  


Her goal is to help clients to tap into their innate power and reclaim their life using an integrative approach of modalities including, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, facilitated Energy Medicine, yoga, pain and stress management. By connecting to a client’s body, she is intuitively guided to use her skills to facilitate healing on a deep, cellular level, to release physical tension, blocked energy and emotions, and pain. During a session she may also use therapeutic dialogue to guide the client to tap into their inner wisdom and body’s healing power. 

Check out Deborah's website for more info: 


Licensed Massage Therapist


Maeleena Campbell

Maeleena is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is inspired and motivated to assist others in the community with wellness. Her focus and purpose is to help, heal and relax individuals. She has a unique and calming energy which you can experience just by being in her presence. Maeleena specializes in  Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. She is deeply committed to meet or exceed clients expectations to enhance their physical wellbeing. 

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner  


Anjana Bhargava

Anjana Bhargava, an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor is a Weston resident and has bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Master of Science (Electronics) from India. Anjana has been certified for Pulse Diagnosis and Marma Therapy (similar to Acupressure points) under well-known Ayurvedic Doctor, Vasant Lad from Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque NM. She is a graduate of Kerala Ayurveda Academy, California having completed 625 hours of study and pursuing Ayurvedic practitioner program. Anjana has been using spices and herbs in her kitchen daily for more than 20 years and has experienced their therapeutics effects in her life.
Anjana incorporates integrative approach with diet, lifestyle, pranayama, meditation, Ayurvedic therapies such as Mantra (sound), Marma therapy etc. in her health consultation. She offers educational workshops on Ayurveda, pranayama workshop/classes and cooking workshops to empower body-mind-soul connection and achieve balanced health and wellness.  She discusses the practical application of Ayurvedic spices and herbs. Anjana has found Ayurveda an invaluable tool for personal evolution and guides each individual on how to determine long term goal of health and well-being by changing one’s diet and lifestyle. Anjana believes that Ayurveda and Yoga can bring positive change in our lives.