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Our Relaxation Massage combines a variety of techniques that are specifically tailored to the individual client's needs. This massage is highly effective in reducing overall stress and anxiety as well as working out the everyday muscle tension that can become problematic and/or painful for the individual on a day to day basis. 


The Sports Massage is for those who are training for and/or recovering from an event. It is also effective for those dealing with the common aches and pains that accompany an active lifestyle. 



The Prenatal Massage helps pregnant women to better adjust to the constant changes of the body during pregnancy. The Prenatal Massage will help to reduce aches and pains as well as ease swelling and relieve stress and anxiety. 

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 $10.00 Fee Per Add-on Service

Complimentary Service With Membership

Reiki/Crystal Healing

Bring back peace and balance by including reiki/crystal healing into your treatment session. Reiki/Crystal Healing is energy work with the intention of reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping can assist in recovery of an injury recovery or in reduction of chronic pain. It has been proven to reduce inflammation and swelling. 


Enhance your massage session with aroma of natural essential oils. Massage therapy combined with essential oils can help improve mood (relaxing or uplifting) , decreases head & neck tension, and reduce anxiety. 


Silicone cups are applied to active trigger points. The suction effect of the cup increases blood circulation & can help improve range of motion by lifting and decompressing an area of tightness.

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Deep tissue is used to treat some chronic pain conditions by stretching and releasing deep layers of the fascia and tissue. This type of massage is for those clients who appreciate a lot more pressure to break up adhesions and release troublesome trigger points.


Thai massage is full body and deep tissue which takes place on a thai mat on the floor instead of a table. Thai massage includes a series of stretches and deep tissue techniques using the elbows, knees and even walking on parts of the back.

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